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Free application for root access

iRoot is one of the utilities & tools you can use on your smartphone or tablet to gain privileged control or root access. This is important for users to push the boundaries that carriers and hardware manufacturers place on the device. With iRoot, you will able to alter or replace system applications and settings, change the terms of file managers, and perform other operations that require administrator-level permissions. The process of rooting can also completely remove and replace your device’s operating system. Typically, it would migrate to the latest version of its OS. Note that iRoot is not in charge of jailbreaking your device, meaning it cannot bypass several types of prohibitions for you. 

Advanced capabilities

iRoot can take all the user-installed applications in your mobile device and prompt it to run privileged commands. It can also be used to perform more advanced or risky operations such as modifying and deleting system files, pre-installed applications, and hardware systems. Gaining access to various parts of the device allows you to reboot, control status lights, and recalibrate touch inputs. For mobile devices, it supports the process of sideloading. It does this through the ‘Unknown sources’ option - from the Settings menu - and a debug bridge

The rooting app enables you to perform rooting methods that use a command prompt and a development interface like Android Debug Bridge with iRoot. This includes Systemless root - a variant of rooting - which uses several techniques to gain root access without modifying the system partition of a device. iRoot also allows you to hide functions which means it will mask the effects and results of rooting. 

Make your OS uniquely yours

These capabilities will benefit you if you want complete control over the interface and responses of your device. There is no limit to the areas that you can control, so having an in-depth knowledge of coding will help you navigate your device. You can get full control of the kernel to overclocking and underclocking the CPU and GPU. The application control can also be modified to fully backup, restore, batch edit applications, and more. With your coding experience, you can modify the elements of your phone’ layout or theme.          


  • Alters system applications and settings
  • Access administrator-level permissions
  • Supports sideloading process


  • Requires knowledge of coding

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iRoot for Android

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